Covered Wagon Travel information by maps and GPS

                         in Värmland, Sweden

Sweden is large, without much people and known as genorous for to be a visiter in the woods. Of cause You should not demage and make changes in the nature.

There is something called "Allemansrätt". But nowadays it get more and more problematic. Of cause the number of visitors decrease, and there is more and more opposition from  the Owners of properties i whole Sweden. In fact the wood companies are big here one maybe is one of the biggest of the world like Stora Enso - Bergvik. They see now more business to rent out properties for Wind power plants and all they can get like us.
The History of here is like anywhere and it is good to remember how it comes they are big like they are today. Earlier companies in many cases fooled off the small wood properties of the  poor owners for many years ago  to get bigger and bigger and get in the proberty less wood farmers, serfs. Well if you are interested you will find information about it. Actually they have all dirty hands how the treat our environment so the should be positive to get some good Image beside there shadows they loose anything.

To be in the frame of this "Allemansrätt" (Right to stay a shorter time), the right to be in the woods is important to get your travel information yourself. Otherwise I am responsible as Provider and I have to pay rent for you and we don´t know how much it will increase in future and you maybe will not be willing to pay more and it could get 120€ more on your price to pay.

Easy , if I organize your travel by maps I am the provider and I have to rent for you. Now I am just renting out Vehicles but the information for your Trip you have to get yourself :-), you have just to be a little active, but don´t worry ... of cause we are helping you. If you have GPS take it with you and it is even  possible to rent here One.

The coordinates are underneath for your resting places it is of cause a proposal!  In future you will find information even on Face book and everybody can write and give you tips. Pony eXpress Wagon Info.

Place   WGS84   WGS84decimal      
Home Lilla Lönnhöjden; Tjärn N60°7.574'E14°8.177' 60.12624 14.13629    
1a Holmsjö N60°5.536' E14°5.120' 60.09256 14.08533    
1b Holmsjö N 60° 5.048', 14° 4.746' 60.08413 14.07910    
2 Sandsjö N60°5.693' E13°56.975' 60.09933 13.94959    
3a Degelunden N60°3.831' E13°51.088' 60.06276 13.84539    
3b Degelunden N 60° 3.828' E 13° 51.093' 60.06380 13.85155    
4 Flåsjö N60°5.693' E13°59.666' 60.09489 13.99443    
5 Fiskhustjärn N60°8.381' E14°2.234' 60.13968 14.03724