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7 days Family Vacation in Värmland

Our house

We offer various activities for the whole family. For 7 days adventure, you will stay with us in a hostel/guest house.
You can plan your own program. You will do one activity everyday.
Our offer includes accommodation, canoe trip, trolley ride, mountainbike tour, riding, Climbing Park, mountain hiking, fishing and swimming and a Horse and Wagon tour.

There is also an opportunity to visit an old mine in Persberg, mineral museum in Långban, Trollstigen and the museum in Lesjöfors (this is not included in the offer).


A maximum limit of 2 families may have the reservations every week. In the spring we use our place for school class trips. So we normally prepaired for this kind of duty.
Shower Room, kitchen and dining room are for common use. There is also a large studio where you can play table tennis.
Each room consists of 4-7 beds. Hot water, 2 cooking stove, dish washer, washing machine, sauna, 4 showers, 4 toilets.
We have also various games such as rounders, bowler, badminton, bow and arrow, football, etc..


          Canoe trip
A one day canoe trip is included in the program. The neccessary equipments for the canoe will be provided.
We are going to drive/pick you up to/from the site. Like for example, at a distance of 5 km long across the lake is 16 km long, perhaps more challenge for the active family!
There is plenty of opportunity to grill on an island or deserted beaches. Some food and refreshments can be taken on the trip.

....on the old railway track which had been stopped to operate by the year 1968. You can drive to Tretjärn through Sågen 35 km north and 20 km south to Lesjöfors. It is about a day trip or you decide by your own.
Lunch or coffee break can be done anytime of your journey. Different kinds of wild mushrooms and wild berries are growing everywhere. Picking is not a problem!


Mountainbikes are available for you to use while your stay. Biking around our area is perfect. Traffic is not a problem at all! So, you can definitely appreciate and enjoy the beauty of the nature!


   Horseback riding
You will have a horse at the farm, use it when you want and take care of it as your own. The riding will be done on your own. There is an opportunity to ride in the woods or on the road. We have various breeds of horses such as Haflingers, Arabs, Northern Swede, Noriker, Lettish Cold Blood and Ardennes. Our horses are friendly, well behaved, sweet and cute!

Adventure Park

You also have the opportunity to use the High Wire Forest Adventure Park. We will provide all of the neccessary equipments needed in climbing.



A perfect hiking place is on the beautiful mountain called "Riska Mountains" (Riskasberget in Swedish). The mountain is about 490 meters high. It is the largest mountain in the North-eastern part of Värmland. On the top of the mountain is the perfect scenery around the area. A cup of warm coffee or a cup of warm chocolate drink will be excellent while exploring the beauty of the nature!

Swimming and Fishing

Swimming area is located 100 meters from the farm where you can also go fishing. The fishes on the lake are perches and pikes. Canoeing is also a possibility at the lake. Plan it your own way when you will do the activities as long as you are here at our farm!

Wagon Trip

A horse and wagon tour can be arrange any day of the week depending on the availability of the wagon and the draft horse.



The food is not included in the program. You will provide your own food. There's also a possibility to order at our place. We can offer some Asian dishes and a lot more.

Grill offers:

Steak with sallad
and Sweet Corn 15 €

with sausage 8 €


This offer costs 270 € / person, children € 215 (up to 15 years)
inc VAT, no extra costs!


In addition to food:

Breakfast 5 €
Lunch € 8.50
Dinner 10 €

"Young and old...big and small!"

This adventure will be the best ever that the whole family can experience! The greatest adventure for the young and old...big and small! So grab the opportunity and make some reservations now! Call or e-mail!

See you and welcome!

Miriam and Heinrich Aistinger

Phone: +46 (0) 8 559 250 44
Mobile: +46 (0) 703 111 440

Email: px@ponyonly.net