Ready for a fishing trip to Sweden?
....there are many lakes here but we know where the best places to go fishing!


Pike - Perch
Put And Take
plant fishes if you like

3 days och 6 days


Welcome! .. maybe you are new in this branch, maybe you are fishing occasionally or maybe you are an old bugger in fishing matters.

There are many types of fishing vacations like, weekend trips with the kids to a nearby lake or a package tour to some of the world’s most remote and exotic locations.

These trips can also be done any time of the year. Although the first thought might be to catch the bass biting at the beginning of spring or the blues running in autumn. There's always a possibility to go fishing even it's winter. Making a hole in the ice is the traditional way.

Fishing holiday is one way of spending some time together with the members of the family and at the same time by enjoying the beauty of the nature.

Moms, dads, sons and daughters...everydoby can enjoy this vacation, even if it's not easy to put a worm on a hook. Fishing for fun...it's the enjoyment and the adventure that counts! A beginner can be more successful than a seasoned professional.

You can also get great help from the local enthusiasters in fishing matters, whose lives are hooked on it. They give a lot of energi into their hobby. They can give you some advices like, where the best places are and which kind of fish to catch.

You can rent a room and cook your own food or you can order it.

Prices are from 400€ to 650€ per person ( if 2 persons), this includes a fishing license, one room, assistance/guide, a boat for a weekend or for 6 days.


We have many lakes here in Sweden and we guarantee that you will enjoy our wildlife. Don´t forget to take the whole family even if they are not interested to catch fishes. We also have other holiday packages to offer. Find out more on our homepage! Some of our holiday packages are: horses (riding or horse and wagon), Adventure Park and a lot more. So check it out and make your reservations now!





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