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Are you ready to have an adventure on the old railway road between Lesjöfors and Vansbro?

"On the old railway road", which has been stopped to mobilized by the year 1968.

A trip is possible from Oforsen through Sågen, 35 km North

You can go to Tretjärn via Sågen 35 km north and 20 km south to Lesjöfors.

Attention: Adventure Trip

   Trolley          Bicycle

a holiday with

the whole family

1 day to 3 days

is possible

You can ride the Trolley from the 15th of April to the 31st of October or you can actually ride as long as there is no snow on the railway. Our Trolleys are Twin-type with a bench in between. One Trolley can accommodate 4 persons (2 adults and 2 children, if the children are very small it is okay with a 3rd one). If you have a bigger amount of luggage, it is enough for 2 adults!

It is a nice adventure! You can imagine how it was before, riding the Trolley on an old railway. The last train was passing by here for 40 years ago.

Along your way, you can pick some different kinds of berries, mushrooms or maybe see some wild animals like elks/moose, wild rabbits and many others.

There is a lake called Vakern. It is located at the northern part of Sågen. In this lake you can do some fishing. It is also a good place to stay overnight. During the summer, the Mineral Museum at Sågen is open for the tourists.

Note: The railway is very old! So, you have your own responsibility while riding the Trolley. Don't ride too fast! Just take your time. Enjoy the scenery of the wildlife!

updated January 2017

Lesjöfors - Oforsen
From Lesjöfors Östervik is the Railroad okay but not the last part to 245.

From 245 to Oforsen at that time not.
Contion der Strecke
Oforsen - Sågen

(Jänner 20017)
From Oforsen about 15 km north is open and okay possible for daytrip cleared 20016 in privat initiative.
  From there 5 km direction Sågen possible but you have to push partially your Railbike. From the border in Dalarna is cleared 15 km excilent by Vansbo Community.

Recommend are properly clothes and Shoes (No Shorts)

Only for Adventurers not for Sunday Excursionists!



Term of Railbike International
Biciclette Ferroviarie (IT), Bicilinha (BR), Cycle-Trolley (GB), Cyclo-Draisine (FR), Cykeldressin (SE), Draisine (DE / AT), Draisines (BE), Dresin (NO), Dressin (SE / NO), Dreziny (CZ), Drezina (RO), Drezyna (PL), Handcar (US), Rail Bicycle (GB), Railbike (US), Resiina (FI), Schienenvelo (CH), Skinnecykel (DK), Spoorfiets (NL), Spoorwegfiets (BE), Trolley (GB), Vélorail (FR)

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* visit our mineralfeeld, museér, mining places we can help you*.

you will find us 20 km north of Lesjöfors beside Inlands Railroad/Inlands Road.
We exist since 1983, most known for our Trail Ridings and Horse and Covered Wagons Adventures, we got foundet after efter a longtrip 1981 on the legendary Pony Express Route in USA, 3200 km long 4 month.
We know what you are looking for!

Welcome, for more Information please call oss or more convinient by E-mail, I will anwer you dirrectly!

Tel +46(0)855 925 044, Mob +46(0)70-3111 440

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