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Riding Week in Sweden

Riding on the trail through the Swedish wilderness in the Country of Värmland is a unique adventure to experience. The Finish were the first people who lives on these areas for about 300 years ago. They were the ones who started to develop these large part of the woods which is covered with pinetrees and surrounded by beautiful traditional houses. In these areas, farming is not really good enough, but it is important for mining. Today, these woods are important for the lumber industry. Inspite of these hilly areas, there are a great number of lakes. Sweden has more than 96 000 lakes. There are different types of wildlife too like moose, deers, bears, wolves, lynxs, mountain cocks, black goose, a variety of birds with different species and a lot more. The trailriding will be done over the mountains, through valleys, fascinating moors, through small wood ponds, sparkling creeks and through forgotten ruins, farms and mining areas. The nature is always there while riding.

Experienced Organizer

The idea of trailriding in Sweden came from the legendary Pony Express Trail in the old west. Heinrich, your host, rode the entire trail from Missouri west of Sacramento California with a distance of 3,200 km. The trip took him 4 months and taught him about horses and "horse-camping". After returning to Sweden, he wanted to share his experience with others and started offering trailriding excursions. Today we offer Riding with comfort. You sleep at the base


After some years of experience, we have learned to choose the right breeds and the sizes of  the horses. We chose Haflinger, a light type and middle-sized horse (from the Alps). This horse was allways historical a allroundhors, tough and uncomplicated, smal in food. They used the Haflinger as packing and ridinghorse as draft horse as well. A perfect breed for ridingtours in the terrainen! We also was breeding other horses which are basically mixed with North Swedish race and Arabian blood. Our horses are sturdy and well suited to the task. Inspite of the fact that they are nice, they can also give you the best company in your journey. Riding with our horses is truly an adventure that you will never forget in your entire life!

Qualifications for the Riders

While riding, the horse should do different ways. They are as follows: walking, trotting and galloping. The trotting is normally done on small roads. So, it is important that you can manage to execute these three ways. Having a good experience before will be certainly a big help while you are on the trail. But...there's nothing to worry about, we are definitely sure that everybody can manage it even the beginners!


You need to be 16 years old if you come alone, it is good you have company with you, otherwise we will take care for you as singel you can join our family. If you are younger you should be accompanied by an adult. Under 18 years of age, the parents' or the guardians' consent and their signature on the booking form is strictly compulsory.

About the Trail

Your Riding Week is for 6 days, it's about 4 to 5 hours every day in the saddle, but you choose your riding time. The arrival in Värmland is normally on Saturday at lunch time. While having lunch, some informations will be taken. After lunch, a warm up trip with the horses should be done as an introduction of your riding week

Acommodation and Camps

You will mostly, as your on decition overnight on our farm, but there are still our overnight places from our trailriding for use they are beside lakes and river. The horses loves to to take a bath. . Then, youl put up the tents and fix the food together outdoor. If you want you can order the food to this places.


You will fix the food for breakfast and dinner and take with you you will find in your kitchen. An aluminium stove is used in cooking and spirit as fuel outdoor. Every morning, the group will take the food for lunch. The dinner we will make redy for you.

After a Riding Week, you will always have this experience...the knowledge about horses and how it feels to live in the woods. Trailriding will be the best adventure ever!

Prices from 485€ for 6 days


Please, don't hesitate to contact us for more informations and reservations!

Telephone: +46 (0)855 925 044 or +46 (0) 703 111 440

Email: px@ponyonly.net