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For the whole Family  

   *  Covered Wagon  *   

The idea of the Western wagon came from the vast ship area in the USA called the Great Basin, where this wagon are still in use today. We have renewed this covered wagon for our own purpose. Our wagons are furnished with fix benches and a sleeping area (1,6m x 2m).

You can be 2 adults with 3-4 children, or 3 adults with 2 children, or 4 adults. The price is same.

You will pass by forgotten ruins of mining, industry and some houses of the first people who developed the area for about 300 years ago. They were the Finnish.

The landscape is hilly with many lakes and woods with beautiful vistas with a good vegetation of wildlife like moose, deers, bears, wolves, lynx, mountain cocks, black goose and a variety of birds with different species.

The wagon will be equipped and the breaks will be checked. The horses that we are using to pull the wagon are well trained, safe and suited to the tasks. In this way, we do not have to demand a lot of experience from our customers. If you have already some basic knowledge about horses, you can definitely manage to have this holiday!

You will be out from Friday morning after 9:00 to Wednesday 18:00 in the evening. You can eventually start 1 day earlier or later by request. Once you arrive at Pony Express, you will be inform with all the necessary informations and instructions that is needed in your journey. We will provide for the Journey and afterwards we will help you to start the trip and drive the wagon by your own. We can always help you anytime if you'll be needing it. On the third day of your trip, we will visit you. We will also bring some food for the horses and some fresh water for you to use.

You have to provide your own food for your trip, it is not possible to buy some food during your journey.
Catching fish is not always a success, but don't forget your fishing equipments!

You can rent a saddle for the draft horse or rent an extra riding horse (You need to be 2 persons who will be responsible when starting a wagon). You will need 1 tent if you are more than 3 adults. Tents, spirit stoves and other equipments are avaible for renting.

You can rent a room here. It is more convenient especially if you will travel a long way and have to start next morning. Please try to inform us earlier so that we can make some reservations for your accommodation!

Please, don't hesitate to contact us for more informations and reservations! We speak both English and German. Please be inform that a 10 days advance notice for booking should be paid and a 30 % fee of the total price as a guarantee of your reservation. We offer a 15% discount (reduced group rates) for reservations of 5 wagons.

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